Tattoo needle size and tubes

There are four basic types of needles for tattoos. Some of them are designed for specific use, others can vary depending on how the tattoo-master uses them. Below we give a general explanation of the categories of needles and how you can use different types of needles.

  1. Round Liner, Round Shader. These are needles brazed by bundles, standard soldering includes from 1 to 18 needles, and visually such soldering is an ideal circle.Round Liner assumes bundled bundles, which are suitable for creating thin, medium or fat lines; with certain skills you can paint small spaces by using them.Round Shader assumes not tightened bundles; it is used for shadows in color and black and white works.There is a special group of beams. It is Tights Round Liners, which assumes needles tightly stapled to the point; they are used exclusively for the lines. Depending on how brave your plans are, you can choose from 3 to 18 needles for these purposes.
  2. Flats, Double Flats, Stacks are tightly welded to each other needles in one or two rows; they are used for coloring large areas. Such needles are applied in various techniques, for example for the image of clouds and waves. Needle range is from 4 to 15 needles.
  3. Magnum is the most popular version of needles for shading and shadows; it is used to perform work in different techniques.

Round-Curved Magnum is the Magnum fused with a crescent to avoid incisions which are often left by the usual magnum. There is a possibility of greater maneuverability in hard-to-reach places. Needle range is from 5 to 49 needles.

Sharpening of the tattoo-needles

There are 3 types of sharpening the needle: