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Different Kinds of Tattoo Needles

Different Kinds of Tattoo Needles

It’s clear that the choice between the various types of tattoo needles may be overwhelming, especially for the amateur tattoo masters. What are the needles needed for? What kind of a difference is there between the magnum and round tattoo needles? Can the needles be re-used or are they for single-use only? To answer all of these questions, it’s vital to delve into all technical specification themselves beforehand making the final decision. After all, by using the help of the following guide, you will undoubtedly increase the proficiency on the topic and further the knowledge of the tattooing reality.

Round Tattoo Needles

If one is looking for the precautious technical work and needs paying close attention to the details, then it’s going to make a perfect sense getting oneself the round tattoo needles. In turn, even the simple fact that all of the round liners are built-in closely together only intensifies the previous notion as a matter of the truth. There is also a need to realize that the round tattoo needles can be sub-divided into the liners and shaders, both of which should be used for the distinct purposes. All the while, the needles of the focus also come in various sizes, ranging from 3 and finishing with 9, depending on the massive scale of the work needed to be done. This should be a pretty straightforward explanation of the round tattoo needles.

Flat Tattoo Needles 

As for the flat tattoo needles, there is a little bit of a different story going on. For instance, it’s clear to most of the tattooing master that they are usually used for the lining purposes solely, especially if there is a need to deliver considerable amounts of ink under the skin. To this end, the final outcome looks more clear and dark if comparing with other types of needles available on the market. Although, it’s crucial to realize that the flat tattoo needles can also be used for shading as can be indicated on the marking sign (7FS for instance). Hopefully, this makes a better sense now.

Assorted Magnum Tattoo Needles

If talking about the shading work, then the magnum needles are imperative in the hands of the professional tattoo master. The reasons for so are somewhat apparent as the magnum ones deliver the ink in the big amounts, thus making them ideal for the huge areas of shading. Usually, they also do considerably less damage to the skin because of such a technical detail, which seems appealing to the majority of the clients coming for the tattoos. There are different kinds of the magnum needles, each with a distinct purpose in mind.

Concluding Information

There is a need to indicate that all of the needles, regardless of the type, are single-use only, which may be disappointing to some. This is, partially, because of the safety guidelines common in the tattooing community as well as for the cleanliness of the working place in general. After all, the last thing that anyone wants if obtaining an infection during the process of getting oneself a tattoo.

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