tattoo machines brands

Tattoo machines brands

Different tattoo machines brands:

Fortunately, in our time, a tattoo artist, a professional artists or a beginner, no longer has to use a needle, rubber pattern or blade to apply the tattoo. Perhaps, these vestiges of the past are preserved only in conditions of the system of execution of punishments.

If you come to the tattoo shop, in order to make a drawing on the skin, you can expect not only the quality of the work, which directly depends on the instruments, but also complete sterility and maximum reduction of painful sensations. That is why, most likely, the master will have not one machine for drawing tattoos and not one kind and different tattoo machines brands

Among the designs and types of tattoo machines, the following configurations are distinguished: liner and shader. The configuration of the machine determines, but does not limit, the preferred scope of its use. The configuration “round liner” involves drawing outlines and sharp edges. The configuration “shader” involves filling areas with color, smooth transitions, shadows, stretch marks.

Next, we will look at some of the TOP rated brands of professional tattoo machines brands that are very popular to buy in this segment of the market.

Cheyenne HAWK PEN.

At the moment, it is the most modern and technological equipment tattoo machines brands for tattoos. The pen style machine is fast and accurate, all consumables are completely disposable with cartridge needles. Effect on the client’s skin is soft enough. It works faster than any other machine, with 3.5 mm stroke length good for lining shading . healing after the procedure is better.

Shuba-K Custom Tattoo Machines.

Manufacturer: France.
Type: coloring.
We use it for traditional (“old school”) tattoos. The machine gives a qualitative “pixel” effect and is great for dense colors. The connoisseurs of traditional tattoo will appreciate nicely this machine.

Workhorse Irons.

Manufacturer: USA.
Type: contour.
The machines of this company are used for fine and precise work. “Workhorse Irons” is a company that represents some of the most famous and respected manufacturers of coil tattoo machines today. These machines are made by tattoo-masters for other tattoo-masters. They know how to work and how to make a lasting tool that will make your work easy and interesting.

Machinist Tattoo Machines for beginners.

Manufacturer: Russia.
Type: Liner.
The machine is a veteran in this field of builders, an individual assembly for the left hand is provided. The finest outline tattoo ink and failure-free operation, proven for years, can be guaranteed.

VladBlad Tattoo Guns.

Manufacturer: Russia.
Type: shading, coloring.
An elegant individual design is provided. 12 years of experience in creating tattoo equipment, reliable warranty. The founder of the company and many specialists are tattoo-masters, which enabled them to experience all the problems that the masters face.

Dragonfly InkMachines.

Manufacturer: Sweden.
Type: coloring.
Rotary machines. Perfect for fitting, as well as for high-speed, but high quality painting of large areas. Ink Machines Sweden is not just an ordinary machine supplier. The company develops and tests products in collaboration with professional tattoo-masters. They create unique products in the hope of making tattoos even better.

On A Mission Machines.

Manufacturer: Spain.
Type: coloring.
The machine is ideal for shading. The brand is fairly popular. The device works qualitatively, stably and at the same time rather quickly. It assembled by the leading engineer Dalmiro. It is a tattoo master from London, working in the genre of “Japanese tattoo” and “neo-Japanese.”

Eikon Tattoo Power Supply.

Manufacturer: Canada.
It is the manufacturer of power supplies, which ensure the operation of each machine. There is a memory for 4 cars. Eikon was founded in 1994. Thus the story of more than twenty years of research and development of the company has begun. To date, Eikon tattoo supplies guarantees high quality work and provides innovative equipment.

Bishop wand liner

Manufacturer: USA.
Type: Rotary Pen tattoo machine.

Mast tour tattoo pen

Manufacturer: China.
Type: Pen tattoo machine.

CNC tattoo machine

Manufacturer: China.

Type: Rotary tattoo machine.

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