Tattoo machine frames

When people stop working properly the tattoo machine, they immediately buy a new one or carry it for repair. However, everything can’t be so serious. Perhaps all you need is to set the frame correctly. To properly tune the frame of the tattoo machine, you must understand the principle of its work. In short, the needle quickly moves upward, leaving a trace behind it. If the frame is incorrectly adjusted, the needle begins to wobble in the sides, which damages the quality of the picture. First, place the needle with a pointed end along the back of the needle bar. Then load the needle bar into the frame. Then attach the needle with an elastic band. So, after you finish the assembly, it’s time to connect your tattoo machine frame to the power source. However, you must ensure that the foot pedal is within reach, and that the power switch is turned on. So just step on the foot switch and the machine’s circuit would cause the needle to move down and up at high speed. If so, then everything is set correctly.

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