beginner tattoo kits

The Art of Skin Tattoo is not easy, even for the Professionals. Imagine transferring a dream onto live palpitating human skin by perforating that skin and forcing pigments into the dermis. Since ancient times, the traditional Tattoo Artists have used simple tools with great skill to create magical designs on the body around the world, which were also powerful symbols of the individual’s social and group value. The modern art of the tattoo is no different. It still needs years of practice to become a master in this discipline. It also needs the best equipment, suited to the beginner’s own talent. While all manners of “beginner’s kits” seem to have sprouted recently in the market, only a few pass muster. This review is an investigation into the market for the best available beginner tattoo kits, and is meant to help novitiates enter this esoteric field.
The Best in 2020
The Tattoo Artists learners must take ample preparation before getting into this trade, preferably under the tutelage of an experienced and dedicated Guru. It is he (or she) who will guide the beginner to choose the right tools. Alternatively, the beginner can procure one of the best beginner tattoo kits as listed below, and then visit his teacher:
 Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Standard Tunings Tattoo Machine: The name “Dragonhawk” is iconic in this field, and this Kit fully lives up to the hype. It offers four coil machines (conventional liner, power liner, soft shader and color packer), with a digital Dragonhawk tattoo power supply system, 50nos. 304L Dragonhawk sterile needles, 4nos. Steel Grips, Practice skin, a set of adjustment tools, foot pedal, clip cord, Immortal tattoo inks (US made), and a fine and durable travelling case to carry the whole kit anywhere.
 Dragonhawk 1013-7 Tattoo Kit: This is the alternative Dragonhawk Kit, which sports a universal Rotary machine. The Atom tattoo Pen comes with a Precision DC Motor with adjustable needle depth. The Dragonhawk power supply is special, with an RCA connection, and clip cord. 20 pieces cartridge needles of various assorted sizes are supplied, as is the foot pedal, and superb durable carrying case. This Kit may require added buys, but its not expensive, yet a high performance and versatile machine, with a very comfortable handling.
 Hummingbird Bronc Pen: This wonderful kit has a machine that is made of Aircraft aluminum frame, and is coupled to a fine Swiss motor. It has adjustable stroke length between 3.5 to 4.5 stroke length. The working voltage is 5 to 12 volts. It has RCA connection, and weighs only 154gms.The Kit includes the machine tray, super lube, O-rings, needle cartridges, and RCA cord. It has a Pen-like feel, and can line as well as shade equally well, and also be used for color packing. Truly versatile, it is the perfect Beginner’s Kit, with a high quality construction. Assembly is quite easy, and minimal, as is adjustment. Finally, the vibration can hardly be felt, making for extremely steady lining and shading.
 Solong Tattoo Complete Kit (Professional Tattoo Gun Kit): This is a truly budget machine, yet it has all the best features. This Kit has cleaning brushes, adjustment tools, rubber bands, around ten tattoo tips, grommets, O-rings (all of these are disposable), sterile needles about 20nos. of 5RS/ 3RS/ 5RL/3RL/ a versatile liner cum shader 10 wrap coil machine, with power supply, 5ml ink in various colors 14 bottles and so on, to make a most complete Kit for Beginners. It even comes with disposable tattoo gloves and practice skin!
 Solong Tattoo Complete Kit (3 Pro-Best Tattoo Kit for Beginners): The Kit has 3 coil machines, and a strong set of accessories such as needles, nozzles, etc. to make a very satisfying piece of equipment for Beginners.
 Shark Tattoo Kit: This has Four coil machines, LCD-display power supply, 2 black 2 silver alloy Grips, stainless steel ink cup holders, and the rest of a complete Kit. It is a solid machine with super performance.
 Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit: This is a pricey Kit compared to the others, but it is the one machine for use by both beginners and professionals. It not only has two coil tattoo machines (.44 Magnum 8 wrap Liner and .38 calibre 10 wrap Shader), but also two Rotary Tattoo guns with Beretta Shader and Silencer Liner, and the Afterlife Power supply. It has 2 clip cords, foot pedal, 50nos. professional needles, autoclave-safe ink tray, and so on. It even comes with the necessary Textbooks and Training Manuals!
 Eyepower Tattoo Complete Kit: The Kit is single-gun, but is semi-professional in its completeness. It is affordable, and neat, with just the basics, for travelling.
 Pirate Face tattoo Kit (Grinder Tattoo Kit): The 4 coil machines, the complete set of accessories, and the informative Training Textbooks make a very complete experience, though somewhat expensive.