Jednorazowe końcówki do tatuażu 5 okrągłe

31,00  (38,13  z VAT)

50 sztuk/opakowanie

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Jednorazowe okrągłe końcówki do tatuażu

For use with needles 5 Round Liner, Loose Liner, Round Shader.

As compared with diamond tattoo tips, rounds ones are designed for creating thicker lines. They can incorporate a larger group of needles for achieving the desired result. Be certain, there can hardly be any tattoo designs you can create without the use of a durable 5 round tip. Use this single-use 5 round tattoo tip with round shaders, very tight and extremely tight liners (obviously round), textured round and 5 round shader needles. Besides the high quality, this 5 round tip has another important advantage: it saves you from the cleanup and sterilization you have to spend much time on after every use of a steel tip.


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