Jednorazowe końcówki do tatuażu 14 okrągłe

31,00  (38,13  z VAT)

50 sztuk/opakowanie

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Jednorazowe okrągłe końcówki do tatuażu

For use with needles 13-18 Round Liner, Loose Liner, Round Shader.

As you might have already heard, disposable tattoo tips are highly efficient for a setup and provide a tattoo artist with a large diversity of customizable options. This 14 round tip is a mandatory tool whenever you are making thick line works. Anyway, remember that whenever you will be working on a curve, you may feel the wobble of the needle inside the round tip. But don’t worry, this is natural and is caused by the form of any 14 round tip. The lines appear really thick! Loose liner, 13-18 round liner or round shader needles are required.


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