The Tattoo Craze

Everyone knows that tattoo become popular nowadays. Thanks to the first tattoo machine that was made in the end of 19th сentury. Tattoo were tiny and inconspicuous. Basically, they were used among sailors. But not so long.
1900sAmericans allow the tattoo business to be more diverse. So, except sailors people different years and social status became really craze. In USA were opened a lot of tattoo salons. Everyone who wants could get one tattoo. Or even such more if people want. There were created various paints and machines.In the middle of 20th century there were the main times of consolidation of tattooing business. Any nations and countries preserved the basis of tattooing. Youth starts trying different ways to found they own fashion style. Of course, it was not without experiments. Thanks to them, we can choose any tattoo designs today.

In 60s tattooing were so preferable among rock stars. They try wearing original and interesting designs on their body. It was really fashioned thing so everyone tried stand out among the gray people.

Some years after that, were opened tattoo-schools for truly creative guys. So, tattooing was considered as an art.

From the end of 70s there is the tatoo-festival. Now such events very popular in various countries worldwide. It’s really feast for every people even if they do not have any tattoos. Professionals come from different countries to show their skill and master class.

From late 90s, most people got tattoo on their bodies. Not even matter how old they are. Today everyone can go to tattoo salon and get exactly what they want. Now the tattoo it’s one of the popular ways to express your individuality. Stars and guys from show business tries showing their individualism. Fans always like to imitate their idols. So, tattoo is a nice way for it. Even the common person can show his own uniqueness by tattooing his body.

Tattoo today

Unfortunately for some people, tattooing is forbidden in some countries. Now it will never be old-fashioned. Even in years people will tattoo their bodies. They will always want to make their tattoos a part of their life. Especially, if they got a job of tattooing others. Because it is their personal choice and no one can denial humans desires.

Today tattoo can allow you to get Mona Lisa on your skin. If you want you can ask for love lyrics or wise quotations. Nice to see hearts on your skin in different colors and various size. Fortunately, nowadays people can’t go to tattoo salons and make their own favorite tattoo through special instruments.