How Tattoos Went From Subculture to Pop Culture

Purposeful drawing of patterns from thin oblong scars with the interspersion of fresh crushed and contaminated foreign chemical elements (dyes) and without, in all likelihood, is the primitive form of art that accompanies human civilization since prehistoric times, which is confirmed by excavations and results of carbon analysis of the remains of ancient people . It can be confidently asserted that this practice is original and has not been borrowed from other biological species by the method of imitative behavior – at least evidence of conscious self-mutilation and scarring as a method of “beautifying” the body in animals and other fauna representatives has not been found. Tattoos have long been considered a symbol of the status of people and each of three or six people who have a tattoo. In 1936, the number of people with tattoos increased by 6%, and in 2006 – by 21%. Tattooing was the foundation of human history, because they became part of human culture, starting thousands of years ago. This proves that tattoos are part of human culture. But they were not very common, like today. It took me a little longer to get good, because it’s illegal because you get better by working in a shop and having artists around you. I was very fortunate that I was able to work before the ban was lifted, because then it was a completely different community. Everyone knew who tattooed in the city, and there were such underground assemblies, which were called the society of tattoos. You did not advertise the tattoo, and there were no signs on the street; people would have to call [to the venue] to be admitted, but at the same time the ban was not applied. The police will come to get a tattoo. This was not a criminal offense. This is more a violation of the health code. Usually in the mornings I paint everything I need to do during the day, and then I go to work. I try to adjust in time to take care of the business of the store, because I own it. People like to publish their photos with their favorite tattoo artist. Tattoo shops are considered a place of legend. This beauty industry has expanded significantly with the help of the Internet and continues to develop in diffuse places to provide the most possible content and services for thousands of adherents of the tattoo culture. Such testimony widely covered the imprinting of this body. People did not know about the amazing work of different artists. This was known only on the TV show. There are various sites that provide a crowd for the design of tattoos. Such sites help these tattoo lovers communicate with their beautiful artists anywhere in the world. This industry will develop madly and very soon it will cover the whole pop culture

You mentioned that when you first started tattooing, it was a bit of silence. Today tattooists:

They are considered celebrities, and some of the famous artists such as Jake King, Jack Thomas, Carlo Escudro, Otto and Samantha, have become famous for their performances. People like to tattoo these artists. Seeing their popularity; celebrities also began to force their bodies to subscribe to these famous tattoos in Australia.

Social media and tattoos:

Social media play an important role in the tattoo industry. Tattooists have millions of followers on one platform. These artists impress people with their unique tattoo designs.

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