Tattoo: The good and the bad

Nowadays, tattoos have regained popularity. Decoration of the body of the tattoo is perceived as a special refinement, an opportunity to attract and surprise others, but the very first tattoos arose many millennia ago. Their owners lived in a primitive communal system. Tattooed marked especially distinguished, they pointed to belonging to the circle of the chosen, saved from evil spirits.

The words “tattoo”, “tattooing” came from the French, where they came from in general from afar – from the Tahitian dialect, where tatau means “sign, drawing”.

Today, a tattoo is not a mark that a hard fate leaves on the body, but a common way of expressing thoughts and sensations.

Unaltered drawing on the human body: all pros and cons

The process of drawing a tattoo cannot be called so pleasant. Why do many people decide on this step?

  • Desire to draw attention of the opposite sex. Many women argue that men with tattoos seem to them more attractive.
  • Tattoo sometimes serves as a way of socialization, becoming a topic for conversation with a stranger, the reason to start communication.
  • It help to distinguish from environments, attract attention, to express own individuality.
  • A woman always wants to decorate herself with something. One way to decorate your own body can be a tattoo, unlike clothes, jewelry and makeup, it is always with you.
  • Some people mark in this way the completion of a significant period for their life, service in the army for example, or the decision to forever exist as a particular person together. Sometimes contrariwise have the place – it can be the step for start a new life
  • Some peoples use a tattoo for specific pragmatic purposes: hide the deformities of the body: scars, birthmarks, some skin diseases.
  • Some challenge society by demonstrating tattoos, especially for those, who negatively relates to people who have such decoration.
  • For others this is a way to overcome feelings of insecurity. Tattoo inspires the owner to a sense of self more worth, some power.

Whatever the reason to decorate yourself with a drawing or a symbol, one must keep in mind – applying different symbols to the body, a person influences his fate. This can be facilitated by the meaning placed in them, the color of the picture. A tattoo can become an amulet that is not lost and no one will steal it. But also it can become an attraction of bad energy.

If you have come to a decision to apply a tattoo, take into consideration the following tips:

In the end, a long time ago people put a magical meaning in the tattoo, providing it with a special energy that could affect the luck of the owner.

  • Foremost, check if you are allergic to the substances used to apply the selected pattern.
  • You need to understand well what you are putting on your body. Beautiful, but incomprehensible symbols, inscriptions in an unknown language can turn you into a laughing stock. For example, cases with Chinese characters – you can accidentally become a menu page from a Chinese restaurant, if you not sure in their meaning.
  • The tattoo will remain with you for life. Therefore, consider whether your desire to become its owner is strong enough.
  • Salon, where tattoos are made, should be well equipped so that sterilization of instruments is carefully performed there, otherwise is possible to pick up very unpleasant complications in the form of various diseases or simply inflammation of the skin.
  • Remember that reducing the tattoo is more difficult, more expensive and longer than applying it. Often this procedure requires several steps, which can take up to a year. And some pigments are not output at all.

After you have decided about the design of the tattoo, confident in your choice, you need to determine the place on your body where applying tattoos. Many people, only after the tattoo is made, realize it would be better to place it on a completely different part of their body.

Better to decide on placing a tattoo only together with a qualified tattoo craftsman – real tattoo artist perceives your body as a canvas for a piece of art, has a spatial imagination and just an excellent experience – he more accurately imagines how it will look at this particular place.

let’s draw a line – do not make hasty steps, be careful about your desire to perpetuate the image on your body.

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