Lightweight tattoos, tattoos with band names and logos

Lightweight tattoos

However, not all group-affiliating tattoos carry such serious consequences of expected behavior and way of life or extremely painful removal or even death. These tattoos will be referred hereafter as lightweight, not performing strong identity shaping function. Some of them express certain interest of the group, into this category fall tattoos with band names and logos, motto- tattoos (e.g. Skate and Destroy, Live Fast Die Young, Forever Young etc.), car logos, replicas of tattoos of celebrities etc. In each of these cases the connection is being established on one side, the phone is ringing but no one is picking the phone. In other words, the case is often that group belonging is not the driving force for an individual to obtain a certain lightweight tattoo, it is personal attitude and affection towards the object of commemoration that the tattoo is addressed on. This can be the band itself, not the fan club; beloved BMW, not local BMW-club; idea of looking great with fashionable Forever Young, not living own life with enjoyment

Youtube show “Homemade Tattoo”

In the first part of the following analysis, the focus will be made on several episodes of the Youtube show “Homemade Tattoo” (Appendix 6). Each episode has a similar structure – hosts of the show meet with a homemade tattoo artist, receive a tattoo from him and then in a follow up interview discuss homemade tattoo, artist’s personal attitude towards the style and in some cases artist’s thoughts about “mainstream” parlour tattooing. Interviews from selected episodes were translated into English and can provide an interesting perspective on the phenomenon from the side of the artists. These interviews are presented as dialogues between the interviewer (Q), and artist (A), and for the best visualization will be analyzed one by another in a form of subchapters.