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Coil tattoo machines

As a tattoo artist, you may already know that it takes more than some skills to become successful in this industry. You must have quality items and kits to pull out the right design. Naturally, investing in the right tattoo supply is of paramount importance.

The essential tattoo products range from ink sets to tattoo machines. Now, when we say supplies, we don’t mean only buying the items. You have to maintain the products since safety and hygiene should be two of your most essential considerations.

Things to Consider Before Putting Up a Tattoo Shop

If you are just starting a tattoo business, you should consider multiple procedures before putting up the store. Bear in mind that becoming a tattoo professional is not only about skills. Everything begins with possessing quality tattoo supplies and devices and supplies.

Here are a few things you should take into account:

  1. Cost is Not the Primary Consideration

Money is indeed an important issue if you are launching a new business. And there’s no doubt that some of the quality tattoo supplies will be on the costly side.

On the other hand, there’re some cost-effective alternatives you may start work with. However, we recommend you to steer clear of the cheap materials. Low-quality materials will evoke a negative impression of your business. Further, you should check for the safety instructions on the product labels to make sure of the authenticity of the supplies.

  1. Create A Work Portfolio

A portfolio of your artwork is crucial. That way you’ll allow the clients to check your ideas and pick their favourite.

You can also take some pictures of your work and include these in your work portfolio. You can even purchase a practice skin in order to further your drawing skills. Basically, a practice skin is a tattoo surface made of rubber. So the consistency closely resembles the texture of a human arm. This is a great tattoo supply to invest in.

  1. Buy Quality Needles

A tattoo needle is the most common material you will require when you begin your career as a tattoo artist. In fact, you will have to invest more on needles more any other supplies.

One of the crucial things that you must consider while buying needles is their quality. Ensure that the needles are straight and sharp. A dull or bent needle may produce an unsatisfactory result and irritate the clients.

Apart from buying the right type of needle that can help you accomplish your task, here are some other factors that you must consider:

Check that the needles are properly soldered

Remember that a quality tattoo needle has its points soldered properly. The needles can fall off if you use the defective materials on the clients’ skin: a nightmare!

Make sure that the needles are pre-sterilized

Check the label of the needles to ensure that they are pre-sterilized. Look for the expiry date of the item. Call your supplier if you are not sure about the expiration date but never use an unsterilized needle ever!

  1. Pick the Right Tattoo Machine

As a tattoo technician, tattoo machines are the primary tools in your kit. The right type of machine will enhance your convenience and produce better results.

The tattoo machines are made of any of the following materials: iron, brass, or copper.

Types of tattoo machine

Some of the tattoo machines available in the market are:

  • Rotary
  • Liner
  • Coil
  • Shader
  • Pneumatic

Depending on your budget or the range of tattoo designs you make, you may buy any or all of the devices from your local tattoo supply. Each of the machines has their pros and cons so learn all about them before purchasing the right one for your work.

  1. Pay Attention to Sanitation

Maintain proper sanitation practices and hygiene regulations to prevent blood contamination in your store. You must keep sharps container to throw your needles and several other disposable materials into it.

  1. Select the Proper Power Supply

Tattoo artists believe that a tattoo machine is inadequate without a power supply. A power supply device is required for operating the tattoo machine. Buy the right one for your machine to get quality output.

Remember that low-budget power supplies fluctuate too much once a technician puts some pressure during tattooing. On the other hand, a quality power supply will not show any such dispute no matter how much stress is applied while tattooing.

Also, you should bear in mind that several power supplies are not compatible with all the tattoo machine. Some may work with rotary or coil machines only. So you should pick the power tattoo supply very wisely.

So, what’s your take on the article? How many of these tattoo supply do you own? Do you have any plan to extend your stock? Which one of these multiple tattoo supplies do you want to buy next? The comment section is open for all to access. Feel free to put your comment.

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