miniDOZZER FastLiner Chrome Tattoo Machine


The frame is machined from a single piece of steel
High quality coils – 25 mm * 8 wraps
Blackened steel hardware
Preffered needles 3-9RL
Medium stroke
Runs 160hz at 6,6 volt -unloaded

Tattoo machine weight 190gr.

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Today almost every celebrity has tattoos on his/her body. The stars even have a certain non-announced “competition” bragging with their new artworks. The variety of these tattoos is amazing: everyone wants to be unique. Self-expression through tattoos has become amazingly popular. Signs and symbolic drawings appear on the bodies of celebrities often, but statistics states: “common” people, following their idols, also come to tattoo salons. Professionals working there know about the increased flow of clients. They prefer working exclusively with high-quality equipment.

For example, using this steel medium-stroke miniDOZZER FastLiner Chrome Tattoo Machine, a true master can create a clear perfect skin image within one-two hours. Certainly, the tattoo must be an inscription, a small image or a sign. Running at high 160 Hz frequency at 6, 6 V, this machine, using 3 –9 Rl needles is the perfect tool for small and medium-size tattoos. Its weight is 190 g and it uses 25 mm coils with 8 wraps.


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