Disposable Tattoo Tubes 7 Flat 25mm

US $25.00

Disposable flat 7 tattoo tubes, 25mm

25 pcs/box
High quality silicone-rubber grip,
Precision Semi-transparent lexan-plastic tube-tip



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The 7 flat 25mm disposable tattoo tube Right Stuff suggests buying at a cheap cost (only $30 per box), is a great tool to pair with flat tips and needles for geometric shade and other shading works, weaved magnum tattoo needles, and stacked magnum tattoo needles. Round magnum needles that not only allow for more consistent ink implantation but also cause less damage to the client’s skin, are to be used with a flat tube. Depending on the area to be tattooed, you may need a 7 flat 25mm tattoo tube. Get a disposable sterilized one and be calm for your client’s health.


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