Double stack magnum needle 5M2

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Tattooing as art began, of course, with needles. There would be no idea of ​​decorating the body with drawings and various bizarre images without them. Certainly, modern tattoo art differs greatly from ancient techniques of tattoos, when the future picture was pierced at first and then — filled with a coloring composition. Sticking objects in different civilizations were different: sharpened fish bones, stone-like needles, sewed from bronze with a double tip and bundles of metal sharp objects. Needles remained in the arsenal of tattoo artists to the present day. With their help, the skin is pierced, and the coloring composition is injected into the puncture site. Our time makes a number of requirements to the needles for tattooing. First of all, they must be stainless. Therefore a special alloy of nickel, steel and platinum is used to manufacture them. This alloy is considered hygienic and safe. Magnum 5M2 are stainless 0.35 mm diameter needles with 2.5 mm sharpening. Artists use them when making dense shading.le layer to cover area fast.


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