Double stack magnum needle 15M2 for tattoo machines - Buy sterilized needles 15M2 for best price

Double stack magnum needle 15M2

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When a master works with large skin areas to be colored or wants making dense shading, he uses Magnum 15M2 needles. Black work (coloring of the extra large skin areas with black ink) can be also done with this stuff. Black work is most often chosen by those who want to cover their old drawings. Some people suppose that Black work is something very primitive and minimalistic, but it is the whole branch of a tattoo art. Making large skin parts black, a real artist can show the dynamics of the body. It can be done quickly with a certain skill and good quality Magnum 15M2 (0.35 mm diameter) needles — in three-four hours, a professional can cover your arm with black work. The simpler the shape and the smaller the angles, the faster the work goes on. Certainly, the master needs to understand the specifics of the tattoo machine, the specificity of the skin and can have good skills of working with these needles. Understanding of this art physiology, technical aspects are also very important.


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