Double stack magnum needle 13M2

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Tattooing is a kind of art, a manifestation of individuality, a way of getting out of depression, changing destiny. When you get a drawing on the body, you acquire a permanent defender, an unmovable charm. In addition, a tattoo can close a scar or other skin defect, raise an intimate interest, and leave a memory of any period of life or person. You can also indicate that you are part of a particular social group, hierarchy. Professionally done beautiful tattoo emphasizes your personality and sexuality. However, making a tattoo is a very important step — it is almost impossible getting rid of it, especially if it is done with Magnum 13M2 needles (0.35 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm sharpening), created for dense shading. Meanwhile if the drawing is really a work of art, it will please you causing only positive emotions every day.


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