Round Shader needle 9RS


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The pain threshold for all people is different. There are persons who howl from the first injection and yell at a tattoo master, plead to give them some anesthetics, while the other tattoo salon clients can lie without moving for three hours, write test messages, chat in social nets and watch movies from the tablet without even wincing. Both are exceptions. In general, a tattoo is painful, but, as a rule, a tolerable process. However, sometimes 9RS needles used for a skin image shading cause a feeling of some “insects’ biting” which is not as pleasant as it could be, but can be beard. The strength of sensations is influenced by the time of the session (the longer, the more painful), the presence or absence of anesthesia (anesthetic cream is used), the individual characteristics of the person and the location of the pattern. There are places where a tattoo will not stay. These are palms, for example, and soles. 9RS needles are good for creating a skin image on an ankle, shoulder, back or an arm.


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