RM needles

Round Magnum tattoo needles (RM) for creating precise lines and shades

For any tattoo professional tattoo artist the abbreviation RM means “Round Magnum” rounded, forming an “arch” type of needles for perfect painless lining and creating images’ shades. These sterile tattoo needles of high quality can be ordered any time only and delivered to your address as well as tattoo tubes in a few days after your order. The shape of this stuff lets a master making smoother transitions of tones, doing correct lining and shading on large areas without additional ink overlays. Besides it they damage the client’s skin less than other needles. These bundles of RM needles made from stainless steel disposable tattoo needles have 0.35 mm thickness and medium sharpening. For soldering of these units, silver solder, which does not contain lead, is used. It completely eliminates the oxidation and harmful effects of lead and its oxides on the human body.

When buying Round Magnum tattoo needles and tubes online tattoo supplies, better order several boxes of them. It saves your money and time, which are precious for any professional.

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