Magnum needle 13M1

USD 35.00

50 pieces/pack



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Sometimes a client asks a master to “close” his old tattoo with a new one. The reasons for doing this are different. Some people make a permanent ink skin picture of their beloved one feeling passion to her (him), but time flies and deep feelings disappear. They just want forgetting about their love, but a tattoo does not let them doing it, reminding about a painful affair every moment. In these cases a tattoo, covering the whole area of a previous tattoo can be done. It can be a simple image of a flower, a dragon, a meaningful sign or anything that can hide an image made some time ago. The best way of hiding an old tattoo is making a colored image over it. These images can be made using Magnum 13M1 needles that have standard (short) sharpening of 0.8 – 1.2 mm and diameter of 0.35 mm. Magnum 13M1 needles are great for covering large areas of skin with tattoos.


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