M1 needles

Magnum M1 tattoo needles

No one tattoo is done without a needle. Some of them are designed for making contours of a future tattoo, while the others are perfect for shading an image. Also, the tattoo needles are divided into textured and smooth. Externally, they are no different, but thanks to the textured needles, the pigment is retained under skin more reliably. The final result of the tattoo depends on the quality of the needle and its competent selection. Magnum are tattoo needles for these purposes and also for coloring of a skin drawing. These needles are divided into M1 and M2 groups. M1 are the needles that are soldered in one row at the base, but at the end they are divided into 2 rows in staggered order. Such needles are used for different shading density. M2 are the needles soldered in 2 rows tightly to each other at the base. They are designed for dense coloring.

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